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Multiplayer Space Combat
Star Pilot is a Free Multiplayer Space Combat Game. Up to 16 Players Combat.

Each map is handcrafted for intense gameplay.

Play from the comfort of your own Space Station!


Free Space Game: Get Loot and Win Currency to help you equip for your next Squirmishes. Win XPs to unlock new Ships and More...

Active Cockpit.

Star Pilot: Free Indie Game with Early Access!

Control your ship with a Joystick, Gamepad or/and Keyboard and Mouse.

A very user friendly Interface...

Star Pilot: StarShip Shooter Game!

The game runs on Windows 10 64 bits. Intel Core i3 @ 3.4Ghz minimum or equivalent. GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon Pro 555 minimum or equivalent. DirectX 11 required.
Soon also on XBox.


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