Star Pilot

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Multiplayer Space Combat
Star Pilot is a Free Multiplayer PVP Game that
supports 16 Players Combat.

Each PVP map is handcrafted for intense gameplay.

Launch PVP from the confort of your own Space Station!


The Game is Free with Micro-Transactions: In-game Loot and Won Currency help you equip for your next Squirmishes...
Win XPs to unlock new Ships and More...

Active Cockpit.

Star Pilot: Free Indie Game with Early Access!

Control your ship with a Joystick, Gamepad or/and Keyboard and Mouse.

A very user friendly Interface...

Star Pilot: StarShip Shooter Game!

The game runs on Windows 10 64 bits. Intel Core i3 @ 3.4Ghz minimum or equivalent. GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon Pro 555 minimum or equivalent. DirectX 11 required.
Soon also on XBox.


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